Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Committee

The College has the Anti-Ragging Committee the sole objective of which is planning action and taking measures for the development and preservation of ragging-free environment in the institution. There has been no incident of ragging in the college campus to date and the Anti-Ragging Committee aims at ensuring the maintenance of the healthy practice.

As per the Directives of the Supreme Court of India and UGC notified “Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher educational institutions, 2009”, Anti-Ragging Committee is formed.

Members of Anti-Ragging Committee Designation
Dr. Srividya Murali Principal
Mrs. Archana Singh Coordinator, Bcom Dept
Mrs. Rachna Desai Coordinator, BAF Dept.
Mrs. Shikha Pandey Coordinator, BMS Dept.
Mrs. Vrushali Ghatpande Coordinator, BSc.CS Dept.
Mrs. Harmanpreet Kaur Coordinator, BSc.IT Dept.
Dr. Shraddha Sable Faculty , BSc. CS Dept
Dr. Sapna Sharma Faculty , BMS Dept
Mrs. Reeta Rana Faculty , BSc. IT Dept