Swadesh pujyate Raja, Vidvam Sarvatra Pujyata” means “the king’s respect is limited to his own kingdom whereas a learned man is respected everywhere.

S.K.COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND COMMERCE, NERUL in Jan, 2018 has been awarded with a MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT by INDIAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH (ICSSR) under MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT, INDIA. The research project was completed under the guidance and supervision of Vice Chairperson of S.K.College of Science and Commerce,Dr.Ajit Kurup in assistance with two Faculty Mrs.Neha Singh(NET) & Mrs Priyanka Jain(SET). The topic selected and was approved grant-in-aid by ICSSR for the research purpose was “ ANALYSIS OF VARIOUS STEPS TAKEN TO ENHANCE TEACHING AND LEARNING THROUGH QUALITY FACULTY IN HIGHER EDUCATION-TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE”.

The main objective was to understand the Teachers view towards Quality Education by using SERVQUAL Model and what are the major measures have been taken by the Government of India in order to bridge the gap between teacher’s expectation and perceptions. After the detailed study some corrective suggestions had also been recommended to ICCSR for the further consideration. It was purely based on primary data where around 511 teaching faculties from almost 48 arts, science, and commerce colleges affiliated to Mumbai University in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane districts where surveyed based on Structured Questionnaire. The questionnaire contained eight latent factors from SQATP-HEd model, twenty- seven policies and twenty six suggestions. The collected data from the sample was studied and analyzed in detail by using the statistical technique: STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELING (SEM) using the AMOS program. This valuable research project was a long journey which was completed in 11 months with lots of Insights.

Since teachers are the pillars and most important stakeholders in higher education, it is imperative to take their views to maintain the standard of higher education in the country. The aim of this research project was to develop a thorough understanding of quality assurance mechanism in Higher Education and its relation to the faculty development process. The project had tried to understand various aspects of quality assurance in higher education through the eyes of the teachers themselves.

The primary task of a society is to find a real teacher, one who performs his duty with perfection and dedication and is a perfect moral example for the society

- Rabindranath Tagore.<

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